Container shipping to Gdynia

Thanks to our partner Gdynia Maritime University the containers will be stored in a perfectly located spot. The containers will be kept at Faculty of Navigation area in the eastern part of the marina. This is just less than 200 meters from the boat park.

The Faculty of Navigation is based in Dom ┼╗eglarza Polskiego (Home of Polish Sailor), a historic building built in 1937 as a part of modernism architectural style very popular in Gdynia. More about modernism can be found here.

Some words about our partner.

Gdynia Maritime University is the largest state school of higher maritime education in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. Since 1920 the University has been preparing graduates for officer positions on board merchant marine vessels and for managerial positions at the land-based institutions and companies representing the maritime industry and seaside regions. The University four Faculties offer a degree in Navigation, Marine Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Entrepreneurship and Quality Science. At present Gdynia Maritime University provides studies for 5000 students. 

And the containers

There are two container terminals located also in Gdynia. BCT (Baltic Container Terminal) and GTC (Gdynia Container Terminal) both located just 15 minutes drive from the marina. This makes container handling easy and affordable.

We kindly ask representatives from each country willing to ship their 505s to Gdynia to contact us.

See you in Gdynia!