Introducing our partner for communications - You&Me

I believe in us, humans. In our abilities to thrive. We are able to do more than we often imagine.
Communication Catalyst, Life&Language Coach, NLP Master, PM. 

For over 20 years I have been working with human communication competence both in business environments as well as in less formal circumstances as my trust lies with adapting to the specific needs of those I work with.
Thriving on my bilingual expertise, my main interests have always been on the quality of communi-cating in public. I train and coach those who find themselves in situations when public speaking is a necessity. And this has never been limited to big audience and stage. The spotlight is there when you speak to your team, to your boss, pitch, take part in an international conference call. I can show you how to remain efficient and get the right message through when the stress, self-awareness and for-eign language play a little too big a role. Why? Because I do it myself. I have done it for last 20 years. I still get nervous, big time sometimes. But I always end up thinking: „I did it! It was worth it!” And you know what? How you speak is OK, all you need is to know how you do it.

The years of multiple cooperation schemes with international companies, EU environment, and busi-ness partners brought me to the point where catalysing English language communication also stands for any PR or foreign cooperation activities. I worked as a TV anchor, provided conference interpreta-tion for years, created and delivered VIP hospitality services as well as events’ support know-how.

That’s how You&Me was created and brought to life (

Being a part of the SAP World Championship 2018 Team is a huge responsibility but certainly a privi-lege. And great experience! The organisers at work could inspire a sea to split with their engagement. And I see the very same passion in the eyes of the 505 sailors when they set off for yet another race. I will do my best to show you how fascinating and compelling the universe of the SAP505 World Championship 2018 is. See you in Gdynia and online.