NARWAL a partner of the SAP 505 Worlds 2018

SAP 505 World Championship 2018 has yet another partner for the event. It is NARWAL, the sailmaker
NARWAL was created in 1992, in Gdańsk, Poland. Since the very beginning it has been producing sails of all kind. Experienced craftsmen manufacture high performance sails for monotype yachts, any bigger vessels as well as sails for any tourist boats. But NARWAL also produces also covers for all types of yachts you can think of.
Sailmakers at NARWAL use the advanced PROSAIL tool to craft their art of sailmaking. Their expertise and high quality of the sails themselves has been recognized by clients from all over Europe.
NARWAL supports 505 sailors in Poland supplying them with full sets of sails. But not only. NARWAL is a partner for those conquering the Arctic Circles, cooperating with SELMA EXPEDITIONS on that adventure.
You can learn more about NARWAL here: