Classic 505 yachts during the World Championships in Gdynia

The 505 World Championships in Gdynia will hold a separate classification for the classic yachts. These are to be the 505 boat that do not possess the advanced technical solutions, so characteristic of the newest racing boats. A particular regulations will apply to older constructions and therefore allow for rewarding the best sailors on „the classics”.

505 class is almost 60 years old. The class regulations have always allowed for the newest available equipment and materials while building the 505 yachts. The first version were entirely wooden. As the composites evolved in the 1980s, the laminates began to prevail. Nowadays, new 505 boats are fully carbon hull and foils, built according to the cutting-edge technology.

Due to the thoroughness of the production, the 505 yachts are known for their endurance. The hulls stay rigid for a respectable time. Even today, it is not a rarity to meet during regattas boats that are 30 or more years old. The technology of building the hull, fins, equipment as well as other technological solutions, has evolved and therefore the older construction have no possibility to race at the same speed.

In order to enable the older boat to compete, the organisers of the World Championships have come up with a detailed regulations for the classics. In order to encounter the team as „classics” , the boat needs to fit in all the class rules naturally. They apply to, among others, the weight and the shape of the hull, the mast and the rigging. The carbon composites, laminate sails or High Aspect fin are not allowed.

Due to the 505 older boat classification, their owner are able to race within the group of comparable constructions. Of course, there will be the possibility to take part in the races with the newer boats. The 505 Worlds are open to almost all. During these championships, all yachts start from one line. But as the classification is separate, each and every sailor will be able to find an adequate competitor on the route.

Detailed regulations for „Classic 505” has been published online on the regatta webpage in the Notice Board section (Notice of Race - Appendix A).

We predict over a hundred of racing teams to come to the 505 World Championships in Gdynia. These include former Olympic sailors, world champions and the sailing legends. The 505 class is extremely popular all over the world. 505s are operated by many a sailing enthusiast as they still evoke unbelievable emotions and give incomparable sailing pleasure.

The 505 World Championships are held on the 18th till 27th, July, in Gdynia.