D.A.D Sportswear has become the clothing partner of the SAP 505 Worlds 2018

We would like to introduce D.A.D Sportswear our clothing partner of the SAP 505 World Championship 2018.
D.A.D Sportswear is a Swedish clothing brand dedicated to sailing and sports events, especially as promotional clothing. The sailing teams sponsored by D.A.D use their products both in action and in everyday life. D.A.D brand clothing is also a frequent element of great events or company clothing for employee branding whenever the quality is a priority. 
D.A.D has prepared a dedicated sailing collection for the 505 sailors. It will be possible to get D.A.D products at store during the SAP 505 Worlds 2018 regatta village.

The full D.A.D offer can be found on the web page: https://www.dad-sportswear.com.pl/