SAP505WorldChampionship2018 - AND OFF THEY WENT

The beautiful sunny Sunday marks the Day One of the Races

For the last four days, the competitors have been arriving at Gdynia, checking in, unpacking the boats. Most of the sailors came last Wednesday but there were those arriving on Saturday morning as well - just made it for the Grand Opening!

As on any World Championship, the boats went through detailed measurements. The team of dedicated measurers did a great job almost not leaving their measuring house for the last four days at all. Pip Pearson, the former International President for the 505 Class claims great respect for all those who worked so hard, praising the good humour and persistence of our measurer Kuba Bogdański. 

The Pre-Worlds were held on Friday. Most of the crews decided to join in also because the wind forecast was very promising. As it turned out, it started with a 10 and then reached 19knots while the runs were on. 

Mike Holt and Rob Woelfel (USA) won with Sandy Higgins and Paul Marsh (AUS) coming second and Lutz Stengel and Holger Jess (GER) as third.

Beautiful Saturday afternoon gave us a spectacular background for the Opening Ceremony that took place by the famous Destroyer - Błyskawica at Kościuszki Square, next to the Marina. We welcomed fourteen countries with their national flags being put up on the masts of the Polish 505s. In good company, discussing the coming races, the sailors chilled at the Regatta Tent in the evening. As Sunday is Day One of the #SAP505WorldChampionship2018 Races! May the wind and waters be at your favour!

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